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I know Personal Development Resources can be tough to navigate. Are you feeling overwhelmed at all the choices out there?

You're in the right place to get advice and recommendations on the best personal development books and resources available. You can take action right away with my Self improvement tips!

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Begin by taking stock of where you are right now! Are you:

  • A beginner at this "self improvement stuff"?
  • Have read this stuff, still looking for a magic bullet?
  • or: Know this stuff works, looking for new latest and greatest books and resources in the Personal Development field?

If you are a beginner, check out our Top 10 List of books. If you're looking a for a magic bullet, please click the Contact Us page above, and let me know when you find it, as it doesn't exist!

If you want latest and greatest, you can check out my Blog where I chat about the newest content on this site :o)

I'm Here to Serve You!

My goal is to save you money and time during your search for the resources you need. My recommendations will help you Focus and Clarify your next steps!

One of the main criteria required in order to best benefit from self improvement resources is one simple fact: ACTION. That's right. If you read all the resources, blogs, buy up-to-date books, attend seminars, and buy audio and video materials...and yet never make any changes in your thinking or actions, then you will not be effective.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to personal improvement, but there is a path that we can help you find, one that is right for you, at this moment, starting from exactly where you are right now.

Higher awareness is key for personal change and growth.

Why do you want Best Personal Development Books?

Do you want to:

  • Motivate yourself?
  • Enhance your quality of life?
  • Make better decisions?
  • Have more energy?
  • Achieve balance in your life? (here’s a tip! It doesn’t exist, all the time, on a constant basis! That would violate universal law!)
  • Move your actions in line with what you value in life?
  • Become more self aware?

I’ve experienced lasting change. I am therefore in a position to help you learn from my life experiences. Why make the same mistakes I have? Or waste money on books that won't bring you in the direction you want?

I provide reviews on the best personal development books published and other personal growth resources, so you can use your energy to focus on what’s important to you, (and not on figuring out what to read!)

I've read, reviewed, studied and applied tons of resources across a broad area of subjects from the diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer, to dealing with whoever “pulls your strings”, and many topics in between.

I would read a book, and then APPLY the ideas in it. I tweaked what I was doing, and learned what worked, and what didn't. Then, I'd find myself listening to people's stories, and recommending resources. The feedback I received was that my resources HAD IMPACT. It was so cool!

Enjoy the content on this site, poke around, have fun with it! I’ve provided some hints and tips on getting the most out of what's available in the personal development industry, and I am on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest of resources.

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