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Best Personal Development Books, Issue #001 -- Heart vs. Gut Wisdom
August 31, 2013

Heart vs. Gut Wisdom?

“You don’t need to change the world, you need to change yourself.” don Miguel Ruiz

Higher Awareness starts with Self. We grow exponentially when we increase our conscious attention to where our thoughts wander at a given moment in time, and what takes most of our valuable life energy throughout the day.

We are all familiar with using knowledge, facts and previous experience to assess and assist us in making important decisions. Few of us however, use a conscious process to tap into higher areas of wisdom, what is usually referred to as "heart wisdom" or "gut instinct".

The challenge is this: For the next week, when it comes to making an important decision, think of how it feels, and pay attention to where you believe the information is coming from in your body. This will help you to understand if you are using the wisdom of your heart (ie. a compassionate response to a situation), gut instinct (usually associated with motivation or action) or the creativity that originates in our head brain.

You'll be surprised at what your results are!

For an excellent book that teaches multiple brain integration techniques, and knowing which type of wisdom and insight to use when, check out our latest book review here: mBraining Techniques. You will learn how to communicate, and receive and integrate the messages from all three types of wisdom: heart, brain, and gut. This will make it easier to experience real and lasting change in your life.

To your success!


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