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Best Personal Development Books, Issue #003 -- Almost Mother's Day...
April 30, 2014

Appreciation for our Mothers

Well, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Time to appreciate not only our own biological Mothers, but also the strong, willing, and giving women that help us every day to step out and grow, learn, and guide us to be who we are.

There is one person in particular I always remember. Back when I was a teenager, I had a bad head injury. She was the one who sat with me in the hospital emergency room, and held me close as they shaved my head to view the site of the injury, when my own parents couldn’t be there.

Every year I think of her around this time, and continue to be grateful for her love and support.

Who can you appreciate this Mother’s Day? Someone who is “in the trenches” with you as a new mom? Perhaps there is a woman who always listens to your stories, or has a kind word to say. Is there a friend or sister who has had an amazing influence on you?

This day always makes me thankful as a mother of three...and brings me to my knees in gratitude when I do my last “mommy check” of the night, turning off nightlights and taking the six zillion trucks out of my son’s bed so he doesn’t impale himself halfway through the night.

I wonder where these three perfect (in their own way!) kids came from, and how I can be so blessed, and give thanks that I’m a mom.

Kimberly Recommends

Looking for a Gift for Mom? Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book: Simple Abundance: a Daybook of Comfort and Joy continues to be one of my favourite Personal Development books. You can check it out here: Top 10 Best Self Help Books.

The book consists of a small entry for each day of the year, and I believe it has helped me in the discovery of my authentic self. Each entry is a positive uplifting message, a small tidbit of wisdom, a meditation to practice, or an increase of the awareness of the rhythm of the seasons.

Here’s to the Moms, and Mother figures in our lives, we wouldn’t be where we are without them!

To Your Success,


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