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One of the best recommended personal development Books is from Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich. I found this book to be well thought out, and specifically, it teaches you hands-on how to change your thoughts, which will in turn change your feelings, actions and results.

The chapter in You Were Born Rich that explores Image-Making is a powerful tool to use in order to build your vision of your best life. It emphasizes not visualizing what you THINK you can do, but instead, what your heart’s desire might be.

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The obvious subjects that these types of books usually cover are things such as “Abundance”, and the “Law of Attraction”. This book goes a step further. You will learn about Risk, the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, and one of the most important subjects when setting goals, How to make a DECISION.

Why Bob Proctor is an Expert

Many of the resources that form the basis of this author's work are books such as As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen, much of the volumes of Thomas Troward’s work, and Working with the Law, by Raymond Holliwell.

One of Proctor’s mentors, Earl Nightingale, was instrumental in making him the man he is today.

He credits his work with Nightingale for much of his success. Moreover, Bob Proctor specifically spent time working at the company Nightingale-Conant, where he had an office beside Earl himself as the Vice-President of Sales.

Bob Proctor is truly of the greats when it comes to understanding the mind, paradigms, and changing one’s life by changing the thoughts we habitually think.

He has studied achieving human potential, and has been a personal growth mentor of my own.

I believe that his resources and information are well researched and effective.

I highly recommend his work because I have studied his programs and used them for over 16 years.

His programs are some of the Best Personal Development Book resources available.

If you ever have a chance to listen to him speak in person, don’t hesitate! Go for it! He will be worth seeing, for sure.

You can find some of the best personal development products and resources linked to Bob Proctor, including audio and video materials to help you make lasting impact on your life.

My Bob Proctor Coaching page will enable you to review some of Bob Proctor’s LifeSuccess programs for yourself.

I recommend them highly, and am certified to deliver all programs.

Not sure where to start?

The Success Puzzle is one of my favourites.

I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to the seminar on CDs and DVDs. Each time I do, I learn something new about myself.

Give yourself permission to step outside “The Secret”, and the hype associated with the Law of Attraction.

Instead, as you delve into finding out more about yourself and how your results are linked to your thinking, you will start small, make changes, and work with the Law, almost naturally.

This author's earlier work will help you to grow yourself, and become more and more aware of your oneness with That Which Is, otherwise known as Spirit, God, or whatever you want to call the Source of all life. As you obtain an enlightened awareness, you will achieve lasting results.

Then, and only then, will you truly understand the message contained in “The Secret.”

“To believe in things you can see and touch is no belief at all. But to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing.” – Abraham Lincoln

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