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Check out my Best Personal Development books and book reviews that recommend the resource you need, when you need it!

I've also just recently included non fiction books for children in my list of recommendations, as there are some great books that my kids have been reading.

UPDATE: Check out the most recent book review on Dr Wayne Dyer's new book Wishes Fulfilled

So the question begs an answer...which ones would I recommend wholeheartedly? The Best Personal Development Books Top 10 List is a good place to start.

From the Top 10 List you will find the books that I generally re-read on an ongoing basis, as they have proven to be "personal development gems".

Anyone can hang out their shingle these days as a personal development expert. I believe it's not what you have read, but the knowledge that you have applied to your world that counts.

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Some self-help book reviews are nothing more than a synopsis of the book jacket cover, and if you’re picking up a book, you can read that yourself. I’d rather know ahead of time what skills I can work on, and if the book will be worth spending my hard-earned dollars on it, or not.

This type of personal development resource, I found, was sadly lacking both online, and in bookstores. It takes someone with experience in reading these types of books and applying the knowledge, across a broad spectrum of subjects, in order to speak as on authority on the subject.

Need help on improving self esteem? Here are some Recommended Resources for Self Esteem and Overcoming Procrastination that will guide your way.

Do you want higher awareness, or a list of spiritual gifts?

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I am also adding more books to my review list daily, so check back if you don’t see one you’re looking for, or use the Contact Us link and let me know which book reviews you’re looking for, they may be added to my list, if available.

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