Building Self Esteem
Will Change Your Life!

As we work on building self esteem, our self image improves.

We automatically increase our self approval and self acceptance as well.

Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, is a good example of a personal growth book that deals with approval and acceptance of self, including the powerful process of building and saying affirmations.

Our self esteem and self image are linked.

When we change our level of self esteem, our confidence increases.

Our automatic thinking will change the image that we hold in our minds of ourselves, almost by default.

Book Recommendation for Building Self Esteem

Pulling your Own Strings - Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is the best book I've found to work at improving self esteem.

We learn how to learn to eliminate “Victim traps”.

We are shown how to take back control from those we’ve allowed to direct where we go and what we do in our life.

This is a key point! We've allowed them! Which also means that we can disallow, or take back control of our own life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has set up a four part program that will teach you how to:

  • assess your life situations;
  • develop a set of non-victim attitudes and expectations;
  • become aware of how you may be victimized by others and yourself, and;
  • create principles that will act as a guide as you proceed with a successive strategy to not become a victim any longer.

As you become less a victim, you will be building self esteem.

Our Families love us, but...

Buy this book if you are looking for an effective way to deal with immediate and extended family members’ opinions and judgements about your whole life.

This includes every detail and decision that they try to manipulate to suit their own agendas (albeit it is likely that they are unconsciously doing this).

Their actions and behaviours are surely motivated by love, however just because they are related by blood, doesn’t give them all-seeing and all-knowing information as to what is right for you.

The Difficult Questions

We are taught to ask ourselves some hard questions:

So what if you’ve been at the same job for 25 years and now want a change? So what if this is the way it has always been done? So what if you’ve never done it, been there, had that?

The answers will prove to be both empowering and motivating.

They may also scare you into believing that your dreams are possible!


What a different perception!

Past performance and behaviour must not dictate what you can accomplish in the future!

By improving your self image, you will change the way you deal with people, and teach them how to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

As your self image changes, you move towards your goals and achieve them.

I love the way Wayne Dyer gives us tips to deal with the “bureaucracies” we encounter in life.

He also shares effective tools for dealing with "the clerks of the world" and the guard dogs at the gates of customer service departments.

These tips help us to become less of a victim, and bring us more towards what we want in life.

One point worth mentioning, is how this book also works on building self esteem and worthiness from within, rather than through competition and accolades obtained from without (ie. sources external to you), in order to deem yourself worthy.

Dr. Dyer communicates to us that we are a creation of God, therefore worthy just because we are here.

Everything else is just details.

You can be therefore be happy and fulfilled without the being the most currently dressed, making the most money, having the most friends, and living in the biggest (and most expensive!) house.

You will truly learn to redefine success and what it means to YOU.

By looking inward for our life goals, rather than letting what others have dictate what we want, we begin to live our lives more authentically.

When you actively participate in personal development, your self esteem improves.

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