What is the Definition of
Personal Growth?

As you find a Definition of Personal Growth, you will have taken the first effective step to start your journey on personal development. This will include discovering your own unique blueprint for success.

Are you looking to define personal growth in order to realize your dreams? Are you aspiring to be a better person and want to find the resources necessary to manage personal change?

When you think of Personal Development or "Success", does that include “How to...beat anxiety, lose weight, look great, and become a millionaire in 30 minutes or less...?”

Or have you considered instead “How to love where you are, be thankful for even the smallest pleasures in life, and begin to improve whatever you want to work on starting from exactly where you are in this moment of now?”

A great start to increasing your awareness is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. You can begin by reading Quotes of Gratitude.

Why Increase Self Awareness?

Self Aware people are more happy and successful, and generally have more interest in what the definition of personal growth might include, as it will bring them closer to what they want in their lives, and help them re-prioritize in order to cut out what they do not want.

Looking for steps to apply right away? Check out our Personal Growth Tips.

The Definition of Personal Growth encompasses both personal development of self, as well as for others. As you may realize, we affect all beings around us with our moods, attitudes, and actions as we go about everyday in our private little worlds.

What do you want to improve about yourself? Have you committed to doing this? Have you made the decision in your mind?

As we define personal development, some people may focus on dreams and aspirations, others would change lifestyle or quality of life, still others want to build employability & work success. All of these answers are correct when asking the question, what is personal growth?

By asking the question, we need to be open to finding the answer, and it will differ from person to person.

My Personal Definition

My own definition of Personal Growth is as follows: "The impact of stretching, learning, growing and applying knowledge from our own and others' experiences in order to change our lives for the better."

This means we may not always be happy, or comfortable with what we are experiencing. However, there is always a lesson to be learned, and an opportunity to grow.

When we develop our strengths and manage our weaknesses, we can become as successful as we decide to be. This is a natural result of working on our own personal growth. Through directed study, we increase our personal awareness, and self knowledge.

This allows us to affect conscious change and grow to be the person we choose to be, rather than the one everyone else thinks we should be. For a great resource, start with the Top 10 List of Personal Development Books. . We all come from the same Source, and as one of my favourite authors, Bob Proctor is fond of saying, we all have

Infinite Potential . All we really need to do is identify with this power.

How do we do this? Well, we can start by repeating personal growth affirmations, and that will help to direct our thoughts daily.

It’s not enough to just repeat mindlessly the same words over and over. We need to get emotionally involved in the idea we are affirming, build the picture in our mind, and see it as already completed.

Build the picture in detail!

Including the sights, sounds and even scents will help to solidify the image and make it real. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real, and what is imagined. By repetition, we build on the inside what we want to see on the outside.

For a really neat tool on integrating head, heart, and gut wisdom check out the process of mBraining.

An Effective Process for Visualization

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help build the picture in your mind:

  • How does it feel when XYZ is completed? (freedom? relief? bliss?)
  • What are others saying? (Wow! You’re amazing! You must be so talented at XYZ, how did you ever complete XYZ?)
  • What am I doing? (leaping out of bed anxious to start the day, having adventures, relaxing with a cup of tea, knowing XYZ is completed).
  • What are others doing? (ie. congratulating you on your success, asking you for advice on how to be successful themselves, hugging you).

The Definition of Personal Growth also includes Personal Value Development almost automatically. As we grow and learn and become more self aware, we figure out what our values are, and move more in line with them. This is also key to self improvement in the different areas of our lives.

Do you want to improve health? Increase your wealth? Work on your quality of family life and relationships, or make a contribution to your community?

As we Define Personal Development, we realize that the development of self can start exactly where you are, in the job or occupation you are currently in (including being a stay at home mom! That really is a job!) Eventually when you grow and expand to more than fill your space, you will create something better and/or more fulfilling.

The Definition of Personal Growth includes the development of competencies and professionalism, building a Personal Development Plan, and strategizing to realize your dreams. When following your plan, you will identify and spend your energy on your personal lifestyle priorities. Increasing awareness of self will be a “Master Key” to achieving the results you want.

You may also want to add the study of Universal Laws to your plan, as they dictate the steps of the unfolding of your dreams. You would be better served if you understood how they worked, and your role in the creative process.

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