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Dr Wayne Dyer's Wishes Fulfilled came out on the bookshelves of regular and online bookstores February 28th, 2012. As predicted with most of his work, it was on the New York Times bestsellers list in no time at all!

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I've studied Dr Wayne Dyer's work for almost 18 years now, and have read almost everything he has written. I’ve listened to him speak in person on many occasions, and have attended Hay House events in Ottawa and Toronto where he has shared his wisdom with large crowds of people.

(Check out THIS LINK for my most recent experience with Dr. Wayne Dyer! He ROCKS!)

He is amazing to see in-person as he vibrates at such a high frequency, and yet exudes humility.

Have you ever met someone that makes you feel great, just being in the same room with them?

Attending his events have made me feel amazing!

He doesn’t just write awesome books. You know and experience when you read them that he is speaking from a knowing that comes from real life experience, not just having read school “textbooks”.

Three of his inspirational children's books , have really had a positive impact on my children’s thinking. I am always seeking to increase my influence to build their self esteem.

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Self-Help Book Reviews

Wishes Fulfilled, Dr Wayne Dyer

This inspirational book is based on two major teachings: The Power of Awareness, authored by Neville, and The “I AM” Discourses, authored by Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Dr Wayne Dyer discusses his belief that I AM is the only true name of God. He says that there is power in this statement, and it begins with the idea of how we are raised, how we have been taught limitations.

He concluded that we are not our bodies, our possessions, or our reputation, but who we are is that which never changes. Our bodies change throughout our lives and yet, it is not who we are. This is one of the best personal and spiritual growth books that I have read in a while. It teaches that that which is real is that which never changes.

Dr Wayne Dyer believes that our spirit is unchanging and repeats often throughout the book that it is really who we are and as we recognize this, and begin to believe that we are divine and capable we therefore change our concept of ourselves.

If you want to accomplish something, Dr Wayne Dyer says, you must first expect it of yourself.

So, the book asks some tough questions: What do you expect of yourself? Can you heal yourself? Can you make piles of money? Are you “well” or “sick”? Are you fortunate? Are you happy? Are you prosperous?

We are then to use the "I AM" for anything that we place into your awareness. We are told stories of how synchronistic events that have happened in Dr Wayne Dyer's life have placed him in exactly the right place and the right time he needed to be, for what he needed to attract in his life.

So, we then ask ourselves: How do we attract what we need in our life?

He suggests that the Universal I AM is always there with us and it’s an energy to access that is with us all the time.

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Summary of the first Principles of Building
a Life of Manifestation according to Dr Wayne Dyer

First Principle: Imagination is your greatest gift!

You need to change your concept of yourself to obtain your wish. Your self concept is defined as everything you believe to be true about yourself. You are exactly where you are because of what you believe about yourself.

You have to be willing to change some things that you believe to be true about yourself including what you can do or can't do, and who you are.

Who "I AM" is a spirit...having a human experience. You are infinite, a piece of god, and you’ve been in many different bodies...until ultimately you shed the body.

We’ve been conditioned to believe who we are is what we sense with our five physical senses.

We must try to suspend our senses...go into a silence...beyond our senses. Who we are is an idea.

This idea is infinite. It is basically your soul. It is the part of you that you can’t get a “hold” of. If it was finite, it would begin and stop someplace.

What does infinite mean? No beginning, no end, your true essence. All it wants to do is expand. It doesn’t want to be restricted, it wants to grow.

You must begin to pay attention to your soul.

Second principle: Everything that now exists, was once imagined (William Blake). Therefore, if you would like something new, you need to imagine it first.

That which gives life only wants to expand. You must first expect it of yourself, and then you need to imagine it! It all comes from an invisible place that wants to expand! Start with an idea.

Third principle: You must learn to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

We go to school to learn something intellectually, but we need to experience it to know it spiritually.

Live in the feeling of being the one you want to be, and you will be it!

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(I can't give it all away in a book review! :o)

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