Great Inspirational Books!

Ok, so I'm used to finding Great Inspirational Books for myself...and was beyond excited when this one came into my hot little hand for my kids!

If you're looking for a useful process to teach your children how to be grateful, and want to combine that with a simple process that is easy to learn, look no further!

"The Year of Living Gratefully" by Sandra Tisiot is it!

Why Teach my Child Gratitude?

Good Question!

Children who are grateful are more centered, have a "fall back plan" when things don't always go their way, and they are happier. Way happier!

Research has shown that the better skill sets we can teach to our young children, the more resilience they show later on in life.

Sandra Tisiot was worried her child wasn't learning those skills.

Especially as an only child with no siblings, she wanted to change his "life revolves around me" world, and gently show him a way of thinking that would impact his life for the better.

She developed the HGG (c) system!

Contentment in Gratitude

The HGG(c) system can be implemented in only a few minutes per day, and will quickly become a ritual that both child and parent will come to look forward to.

It provides an opportunity to review what went well, and will teach your child that even when bad things happen, we can always change our perspective, and focus on something wonderful instead.

Why This is One of My Great Inspirational Books

As someone brought up in the Roman Catholic Faith, I naturally wanted my children to have a good relationship with Spirit, God, whatever-that-which-is.

Call it what you want.

I also wanted my children to grow up with less GUILT than I did.

So, I've been asking them from an early age to give thanks at night for what they are grateful for. Without the garbage (excuse me!) of misplaced guilt.

That's in the Religious Context.

I was excited to read this when Sandra Tisiot mentioned her book, for the exact reason that I was curious what was out there for people in terms of inspirational books for kids.

This book is a great tool for people who want a nightly ritual, without the religious bent.

That's why I like it!

You'll find key secrets to make it easy for your child to shine...

You can buy it here: The Year of Living Gratefully.

Let me know what you think when you read it, by leaving feedback below!

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