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Are you anxious about learning how to make a decision? Would you be open to adopting a new decision making model? Well, you've come to the right place, if you're looking for an effective decision making style!

Here is one of my favourite decision quotes for inspiration and motivation:

“Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly. That is the major reason why they are leaders. The world has a habit of making room for the man or woman whose words and actions show that they know where they are going.” Napoleon Hill

What Does it Mean to Make a Decision?

The word decision comes from the Latin word Caedere, with "de" meaning “from”, and “Caedere” meaning “a cutting off of other possibilities to arrive at one”.

Once you apply this new process of how to make a decision, you can imagine, visualize, make affirmations and then take action! in the direction of your choice, and get rid of any escape hatches. You will then be making the decision with confidence.

Many people are looking to see if they have the resources available, before they make a decision. They are going about it the wrong way! Until you’ve made the decision to do, have or be whatever it don’t need to worry about the resources.

Often times we can get bogged up in the process of figuring out HOW to do whatever it is that we want. However, no one ever knew HOW to do something, until after they did it. Figuring out the "How" is God’s (or the Universe, or whatever you call That-Which-Is)'s job. What we have to decide is what we want to move forward with. How do we learn to make personal and business decisions, and every day sharpen our decision making skills?

An Effective Decision Making Model

Here is a technique that, as a leader of learning, I teach my clients in our coaching sessions. Keeping in mind their issue, they ask the following questions:

1. Do I want to be/do or have this?

2. Will it move me in the direction of my goal?

3. Is being, doing, or having this in harmony with Universal Law?

4. Will this violate the rights of others?

These four questions will help you to make a decision, and once you have your answers, move on it! Make the decision, and get on with the work. You are looking for the answers to the first three questions to be “yes” and the last question to be “no”.

For more info on Universal Laws, what they are and how to live in harmony with them, click here. We are all exactly where we are because of the decisions we have made or failed to make in our lives. We can however, become very adept at making decisions by practicing, even if it is just with small, seemingly insignificant things.

Any resistance that you encounter will just make you stronger, and build your faith that you are on the right path, listen to your voice within, and make adjustments as you see fit. As another of my inspiring decision quotes states, when you leap the net will appear:

“the moment I let go of it
was the moment
I got more than I could handle
the moment I jumped off of it
was the moment I touched down”
Thank U, lyrics by Alanis Morrisette

Teaching Our Kids How to Make a Decision

We can also teach our kids at a very young age the life-defining skill of how to make a decision, and they will have successes early on in life. I am confident that I have been doing this with my kids from a very early age. For example, just asking the question of which socks do they want to wear? Brown or black? Will get them thinking and reasoning early in their years, and they can become very effective at making a decision.

Do you want a dull, boring existence, or do you want to wake up every day, bursting with energy, and full of confidence in yourself, and your ability to make a decision? Learning how to make a decision will free up time and energy you are probably spending worrying about your decision making capabilities right now!

Exercising this mental capacity, along with other higher faculties, will allow us to build and shape the life we want, rather than float through life, content with whatever we unconsciously create and attract to us.

Take Immediate Action

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Today is all you will ever have. Start right where you are, and ask yourself the questions above about something that you have been putting off making a decision about. Review the information that you have, check in with your inner feelings, then ask yourself the questions in the decision making model above.

Remember, you are looking for three yeses, and a no. Then, exercise this new process of how to make a decision, and get on with it. Remember, not to make a decision is to make a decision.

Have you tried Working with a Personal Development Mentor, to get from where you are currently to where you want to be? Make the decision that 2014 will be your best year yet!

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