Law of Abundance...
Were You Disappointed With
"The Secret"?

What is the Law of Abundance? How do I make it work for me? Is there a proven process to get what I want? Why isn’t what I’m doing now working?

These questions and more have been asked about the Law of Abundance. If you’ve asked them yourself, you’re in the right place to find answers.

“Within Yourself Lies the Cause of Whatever Enters into Your Life.” - Ralph Waldo Trine

Have you read “The Secret”? Plunked down your money for the book or DVD, expecting a magic formula, and been disappointed with the results?

Turns out “The Secret” isn’t so secret after all...many of us have heard for years that if we think positive, and focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, we will achieve our goals.

What was Missing in "The Secret"?

It’s no real magic formula, sorry to disappoint you.

What was missing in the book "The Secret" was: ACTION.

That’s right.

It’s great to build an image in your mind, get emotionally involved with it. See it as already being achieved, and act as if it has happened. Those steps put you in a great vibration, to direct the Law of Attraction.

But, if you sit around, put no energy out, and wait for it to drop in your lap...well I hate to wake you up...but you’ll have to get off your couch...and DO SOMETHING!

Otherwise, it will be “just another hype” that doesn’t work, and you may grow resentful as you slave away, and watch others “get lucky”.

The best definition of the Law of Abundance I've found is that it is the culmination of results from following Universal Laws in thought, word and deed.

Universal Law is said to be the instrument of the omnipotent God.

Think about it.

Gravity doesn't just work some of the time, it works all of the time, everywhere.

It doesn't matter if you know that it's working, or how.

There is no allowance for ignorance of the Law. If you walk off the roof of a building, you will still fall.

It’s a well-known fact in Physics that energy returns to its source of origination. This means, what you put out, you get back.

The key you've been missing have to put out energy FIRST, and THEN it will return to you.

Sometimes when people study the Law of Abundance, they miss this step. Also, you may not get the energy back from where you think it will come from, so you must be open to other sources of supply.

So absolutely, decide what you want. Build some beautiful, amazing dreams, get emotionally involved, and then...

You will then experience the Law of Abundance!

Read a book, talk to someone who is doing what you want to do, research who the experts are in the field you want to be in, build your image, keep your focus (with affirmations) and make a plan to get what you want.

You may not know HOW, and that’s ok (if you did, you probably would have already achieved it by now!)

The first step could be small, get some magazines, clip out the picture of your dream home, and pin it to your fridge, where you’ll see it everyday.

I have the picture of my Porsche Cayenne on the screen of my laptop where I can see it daily!

You must become aware of the feelings that come up every time you see the object of your dreams.

And pay attention!

The next book you read, a conversation you overhear at the coffee shop, synchronistic events will begin to unfold.

You’ll get the urge to call someone, say something, or take a particular action.

Listen, and then ACT!

Some actions may seem scary, out of the norm, or have no basis in reality as you know it...that’s perfect! It means it’s working. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Get in touch with the feeling in your gut, and do it!

Then, leave me a comment below and let me know how it's working for you! :o)

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