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Personal Development = Effectiveness, squared!

What do YOU want?

Are you looking for a Life Coach for Personal Development?

Have you tried to “buckle down” and are still not experiencing lasting results?

Are you afraid of being changed, but want to change the results you’re getting?

Have you recently attended a Personal Development seminar, and want to continue the momentum you’ve built?

Are you in need of motivation on an ongoing basis to support you in achieving your Personal Development goals?

How We Can Help

My passion for being one of the Lifesuccess Consultants comes from the fact that we can help you to not only set goals, but persist against what might be holding you back, and step by step, help you along the way. I will show you how to unlock the vast potential that lies within, by understanding how to influence your thinking, which affects how you feel, your actions, and the results you achieve.

This type of coach is not a cheerleader. A Lifesuccess Consultant coach will tell you the truth, identify when you may be holding yourself back and will give you some “tools to life” to move you in the direction of your dreams. I will give you techniques and strategies to get “unstuck”, take action despite your fears, and remind you of the divine resources you can tap into at a moment's notice.

We will work together to help you build a life with more fun, abundance and control over your destiny.

A Bit About Me

I have an attitude of eagerness and joy. I am committed to excellence, which I define as a commitment to completion. I have buckets of compassion, and am inspired and humbled by my abilities to support others, and be of service.

I love to read! I enjoy inspiring, mentoring, coaching and supporting others in their growth and the attainment of their personal development goals.

I share what I have learned, and KNOW from personal experience with others, and have received feedback over the years (13 years to be exact!) that my services have proved to be invaluable. I believe I’ve been blessed with the spiritual gift of teaching.

I give seminars, coach others by supporting them in achieving their personal development goals, and hold them accountable so that they are striving higher and higher to become more, do more, and have more.

My credentials? Check out my "About Me" page, or this link to the Bob Proctor LifeSuccess Consultants website:


I built the best-personal-development-books.com website to answer a need I saw that was not being “met on the net”. That is, a real-life experienced person providing a book review resource. I am able to provide advice and recommendations that don’t just summarize the book jacket cover, but actually give insightful, relevant information, and link it to appropriate resources, because I’ve “been there, done that”. I have the self growth and personal development experience and stories to prove it.

I invite you to take your next success steps right now. Make the decision, and contact me today by clicking the Contact Us button above for your first step in creating the life of your dreams! Take time for your life, and contact a life coach for personal development today!

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