Tired of Living
Paycheck to Paycheck?

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, this article will help you to change your attitude, and should show you how to take control and responsibility, and move forward in your life.

During an economic recession, many people fall into the trap of living paycheck to paycheck. However, people aren’t necessarily going to see abundance in these times, and what they are really looking for is HOPE.

Where there is Hope, there are possibilities and options. Hope can start with a vision, or giving someone tools to change their thinking inside, to create a better tomorrow.

I hope to add value to your life by offering advice and making recommendations to add a bit of perspective, and shift your perception.

The first step in this process is taking responsibility.

Responsibility isn’t about blaming yourself or looking to the past. It’s about taking control over your situation. It’s about realizing that you always possess response-ability — the ability to choose your response. It’s about accepting the truth that if anything is going to change, your will must be the force that changes it. - Steve Pavlina, blogger

Responsibility to me means stepping up and claiming your power, using the control that you have to change where you are, and the results that you are obtaining in your life.

You can’t do this partially, that is, you can’t take 85% responsibility, and pass off 15% to something or someone else. It’s an all or nothing deal. Once you take control however, the possibilities that open up to you are endless...you can start moving your life in the right direction, the direction of your choice, rather than where “others have led you”.

All it takes is a decision. And remember: not to make a decision, is to make a decision.

If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, start NOW by stepping up your game, and changing your mind.

Responsible TO versus Responsible FOR someone

You should also understand the difference between being responsible TO someone, and responsible FOR them. Unless you have small children, you are not responsible FOR anyone else, other than yourself.

You can, however, be responsible TO someone, and have them hold you accountable to fulfill commitments or actions that you have promised to make or do. That’s different.

But, to allow someone to make you responsible for what they said, did or otherwise, is not recommended. And don't do the same thing to others, no one is responsible for where you are, except you. As Dr. Wayne Dyer has been known to say, if you blame someone or if it’s someone else’s fault for how you feel, the rest of the world will have to undergo therapy in order for YOU to get better.

Makes no sense at all, right?

Let’s also make a difference here between REACTING to something, and RESPONDING. Reacting is usually without thought, almost immediate, and habitual. Responding on the other hand requires thinking, which most people are not conditioned to do. Responding implies an assessment is made, a course of action (or conversation) is decided upon, and then something is responded to.

You have the power to change your situation, no one else. The first step, is to take responsibility for it. You directed yourself there, it was your choice. So, the first step in changing your situation if you are living paycheck to paycheck, starts in your mind, and will end with your attitude.

You can cut expenses, and live on kraft dinner, but there’s nothing inspirational about that type of living that will help you move forward. Instead, you must put out more energy and ask yourself the very valuable questions: how can I be of service? How can I provide value to others, and eventually put more cash in my jeans?

It's quite simple. The image starts in your mind, and the money eventually ends up in your pocket.

Writing causes thinking, thinking causes feelings, feelings induce actions, and actions create results. So, if you want to change your results, you must start by changing HOW YOU THINK.

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