Marianne Williamson Books

Love is a potent force for good in the world.

The many Marianne Williamson books that I have enjoyed truly epitomize this idea.

Ok, so just because something is a New York Times bestseller, doesn't mean it's for you, right?

Well, take my word for it, her books are incredible gifts to a world that is in need of leaders that can actually LEAD and INSPIRE the masses.

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A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a "Course in Miracles"

Marianne Williamson Books:
Reviews & Recommendations

A Return to Love

A great introduction to her work, this book shares both insights on how to change our behaviour, and ways to appreciate what surrounds us in our lives.

If you don't believe in the unseen, have no faith in a higher power, (regardless if you call it "God" or not) then this is not the book for you.

If it bothers you to have the language of spirituality in a book, don't get this one.


If you have a feeling that there are forces beyond our understanding, always working in the background to support our well-being, and would like to tap into that source on purpose for everyday miracles, then this is the book for you!

You will decrease anxiety.

You will increase your capacity for forgiveness, and appreciate what your life is, RIGHT here, RIGHT now.

In this book, Marianne Williamson shares with us her interpretation of  "A Course in Miracles", the self-study system of spiritual psychotherapy.

If you do the work that this book suggests, you will find yourself being able to easily deal with the so called "negative" emotions such as fear and anger.

You'll be freeing up your energy for experiencing more magic and fullness in your life.

Enchanted Love - Marianne Williamson

“An enchanted love is holy ground where the meanness and the assaults of the world are not escaped so much as transformed by the power of love and forgiveness.”

As with all Marianne Williamson books, there is a heavy spiritual context in this book.

Do not let that dissuade you from reading it if your goal is to "find magic" in either the relationship that you are in now, heal from the ones from your past, or anticipate lovely new ones in your future.

You will build emotional strength and skills, and find that love is a touchstone to success in romantic relationships.

What You'll Learn from this Inspirational Book

Some of the personal development benefits from reading this book may include:

-an increased emotional capacity for true joining with your partner;

-learning to show up more fully in your life;

-developing compassion for yourself and others;

-new mental habits including forgiveness of self and others; and

a more optimistic outlook on relationships, with self and others, that will ultimately affect all other areas of your life for the better.

I'd recommend really taking your time to read this book, don't just rush through. It's soul work that you're up to, and that can't ever be rushed.

"Enchantment results from two people recognizing the extraordinary opportunities of love: You will not fall down today because my love is here for you. You will not be homeless today because my love is here for you. You will not be lonely today because my love is here for you."

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