Mind Body Spirit Healing
Start Now to Move Forward!

Are you looking for an inspirational book for mind body spirit healing that will help you turn the page in your life to write a new chapter?

Would you like to learn to take a non-victim stance by embracing your “being-ness”?

Tammy Plunkett’s book Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit makes a link between our physical existence, and “higher thought”, or what’s often known as Spirituality.

We are encouraged to insert more “being” into our lives, and focus less on “doing”.

Ok...it's Truth time!

C'mon, tell the truth.

Do you really put EVERYTHING on your to do list?

How much of it gets done?

Whatever the answer is...doesn't matter. The question is more important!

How often are we focused on DOING...rather than BEING?

Forget about life's little challenges and irritations...for a minute.


Ok, now think back in time.

Have YOU experienced great trauma, heartbreak, and numerous challenges in your life?

I've met the author of this book personally.

Let me tell you. Her calm demeanor reflects the fact that she has survived and thrived beyond the trials and tribulations of her childhood.

In this book she shares her tips and techniques on how she has achieved freedom from her past (and gives us hope that we can do the same!)

To do exactly what you're looking for... mind body spirit healing!

We can learn to look to future challenges with different expectations.

She invites us to step out of our “story”, and into whatever we decide to create anew.

Take Your Power Back!

With this book as your guide, you can decide that you have choices and options in every situation in your life.

This is HUGE! It gives us our freedom back!

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • understand the dualistic nature of the universe;
  • appreciating the yin and yang energy of situations;
  • ways to move forward from whatever you feel has been holding us back from our dreams.

Tammy questions our basic choices, and inspires us to wake up to a more enlightened existence.

To maximize your mind body spirit healing, she encourages us to work on changing the perception that we hold of the events and circumstances in our lives. We can practice this throughout the book, as she gives us advice on places to start.

This is based on techniques that she has used that have been effective.

Let's Get Personal...

In one of her personal stories, she tells us how she succeeded in “checking her ego at the door”.

She provided compassion and came from a place of love instead of fear when interacting with her immediate family.

Could YOU find a use for tools and techniques like that?

This is someone walking the talk here, not just telling us what to do, but actually showing us, using personal examples of how different changes in behaviour have worked to make changes in her life.

As a reader, I was definitely engaged throughout this book.

Not only does it make reading far more interesting, but it makes the author more “real” in my eyes, and certainly more approachable.

Next Steps for Mind Body Spirit Healing

You can do this too!

This book is peppered with witty realism (someone does indeed have to stop meditating long enough to cook dinner!) and what can be a somewhat harsh truth of her past.

Do you want to build confidence in your ability to handle what life hands you?

You can move toward balance of your basic human drives and the needs of your higher self after reading this book.

This is one of those inspirational books for women that I love to recommend. You'll thank me for this...I promise. :o)

Go to now to www.TammyPlunkett.com and order the book Being Human: Inspiration for Balancing Mind Body and Spirit.


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