Need Help Overcoming Procrastination?

Learn techniques in overcoming procrastination in Steven Pressfield's book, Do the Work! He outlines ways of believing the unbelievable and how to stop getting in your own way! As you do so, you will be building self esteem and find yourself enjoying the true meaning of success!

Do doubt and fear plague you when you start a project? Is the voice in your head louder than your passion for your idea? Then you've come to the right place!

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Are you tired of making excuses as to why you haven't moved or taken action on your idea? Then click on the link to the right, and buy the book now! 

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Feeling Overwhelmed by Waves of Indecision, Doubt and Fear?

Do circumstances have to be "just right" or perfectionism is keeping you from even starting your project? Welcome to the Club! Fortunately, you're in the right place to actually do something positive, that will motivate you, and help move you past indecision, and into ACTION!

This book is great for helping you to find your authentic voice, and giving you a kick in the butt to move forward. Do you have a grand idea? One that sparks your passion, and excites and scares you at the same time? In simple prose, with amazingly accurate prognosis, Steven Pressfield's Domino Project book Do the Work! will ignite that fire you have for your idea, and help you identify exactly what is holding you back.

In personal coaching circles, we call this the GAP. It's the space and time difference between where you are now, and where you'd like to be.

This marvelous little volume will help you in overcoming doubt and fear by asking two very important questions: How badly do you want it? and WHY do you want it? Resistance will crop up in a myriad of ways, and in order to triumph, you will need bullishness, tenacity, and determination to overcome procrastination and the many faces of resistance, which include distractions, doubt, fear, anxiety, ego and perfectionism. 

In asking these important questions about your project, idea, artwork, or muse, you will identify exactly what to move forward with or whether or not you should scrap the idea completely!

I read this book in an hour. I then re-read it twice more, and made notes and used it how it was meant: as a coaching tool to move me forward with the things I knew I had to do, but kept finding excuses not to do because I was listening to other people's opinions, and that kept me stuck!

I highly recommend this book as a way to overcome fear, doubt and procrastination. Buy this book, read it, digest the simple and practical ideas, and then step out and do the things you already know you need to do! By starting on your fabulous idea, you will be halfway there! Trust me, and Do the Work!

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