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Personal value development will help you focus on what you really want. Learn how to ensure that your Personal Values are in line with your behaviours, and if they aren’t, what to do about it.

Do you have a Positive Thinking Attitude? Do you wake up in the morning ready for action in the direction of your choice?

Values are what we believe in, they are what motivates and directs our behaviour.

Personal values vary by individual, and are generally preferences on courses of action or ways to behave and/or not behave. They reflect our sense of right and wrong, and what we value as appropriate in our lives. Our attitude is the composite of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Thus, our values will be reflected in what we believe the “shoulds” or “should nots” are in our world, with respect to how we and others behave around us.

These beliefs are taught to us at a very early age, by our family of origin and/or influential people in our lives. We may be conscious or unconscious of what they are. Either way, they direct our behaviour.

How Do Values Show Up in My Life?

For example, a person says he values family, and yet he works from dawn to dusk, ignoring his children and spouse when he gets home, exhausted. He has enough energy to order a pizza, and zone out on the couch. His behaviour is obviously not in line with what he says he values.

Where is the one-on-one personal time he would love to spend with family members? What about chatting with his spouse on how his day was, or reading a book with his children before bed? Which behaviours would be consistent with what he says his priorities are? This would likely be a great place to start to develop and strengthen the value of “family” in his life.

Prioritizing and concentrating your time and energy on what really matters TO YOU will shift your life dramatically.Is being debt-free important to you? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do your exercise and eat well? What about the values of fairness, honesty, working hard, or having time for adventures?

Resources for Personal Value Development

One of my own personal values is spiritual growth. I go within on a daily basis, taking time to stop, relax, and do reflections of Gratitude for the gifts of friendship, abundance, and love that I enjoy in my life. I find many days it's a struggle to prioritize and put some "me time" in to work on this personal value, but I always feel better, and less anxious when I do.

Do you want to work on a positive thinking attitude? Some Quotes about Happiness may help direct your thoughts and change what you focus on.

Personal Value Development must start with an assessment of where we are, what we say we value, and asking the hard question: Is my behaviour in synch with what I say I value? If it is not, that’s fine, at least we know where we are, and that is the first step to changing our behaviour.

Here is a List of Personal Values to help you decide what to focus on. As you read through the list of personal values, pay attention to what resonates with you. These will give you a starting point in creating your Personal Development Plan.

Self awareness is the key to changing our behaviours. We will then be able to look back on our lives and say we lived how we chose to, consistently in accordance with what we say are personal values are. Journaling tools may aid in this process.

Albert Einstein said “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”.

What counts in your life, when you think of your own personal value development?

Here are some book recommendations for Personal Value Development . They may provide motivation for you on your journey for spiritual growth as well.

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