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What do you value? Does family and friends top your list? What about money? Get Personal Values Information, and learn to focus on what you really want in your life!

Personal Values Information is vital to the process of personal development as it impacts our personal AND professional lives. By understanding what we have been brought up to value, where these ideas come from, and if they are in line with what we’d like to accomplish in our lives, we can change our focus.

By changing our focus, we can change our behaviours, which will affect the results we see in our lives.

Book Recommendation for Mining Personal Values Information from Within

One of the absolute best books I’ve come across when it comes to learning a process of identifying personal values, and figuring out if your behaviours are in line with what you say you value, is in a book that has to do with finances! of all things. I picked up this book because I was tired of living “paycheck to paycheck” and was searching for answers.

In Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach not only did I learn what my personal values were, but I also developed some strategies to prioritize my spending. I consequently became more consciously aware of what was important to me.

The funny thing about money is that it acts as a mirror. If you are brave enough to do the activities and take the suggestions he writes about, you will train yourself to really THINK about what you are doing and where you are spending your money. This will be a GIANT wake up call if you actually need one. You may actually figure out you don't NEED as much money as you think you do, to live the life you choose.

David Bach is by no means a “new author”, his work has been around for quite some time now. He has various titles that will benefit you, such as “Smart Couples Finish Rich” and “Start Late, Finish Rich”, so don’t let the title above dissuade you from buying his book and reading it. Just choose the appropriate book for where you are in your life.

Learning the Process of Building a "Values Ladder"

In the content of this book, the values development part is what you’re looking for. More specifically, the personal values information you can obtain by using his “Values Ladder”.

With Bach’s process of asking you what is important about xyz in your life, you identify a starting point, for example: freedom. Then you will ask yourself: what is important about freedom to me? And the answer may be: choices. And on and on it goes. The Values Ladder will really lead your thinking. By going through this process of questioning, you will discover what to move forward with, and ultimately, what you want the results in your life to look like.

As you examine your behaviour around money, and in general, you will find out exactly what you value most in your life. You will also become the embodiment of the word “Praxis” which is the integration of beliefs with behaviour.

Then, the hard part begins…as you have decisions to make about where to re-direct both your energy and time (and consequently dollars!) in order to build a life of what you say you truly value.

You will ask yourself on an ongoing basis “is this in line with what I say I value”? and if the answer is yes…continue on, if the answer is no, then make the decision to focus on something that IS in line with your values.

To identify your own values, check out our List of Personal Values .

I came away from reading this book with clarity on my life’s purpose, and the personal values information I required in order to develop a personal development plan to bridge the gap between where I was, and where I wanted to be.

Quite an accomplishment, considering I was just looking at changing one area of my life: finances. This personal development book helped me to get focused on the meaning of my life, rather than the means.

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