The Tapping Solution:
A powerful tool to improve your life!

The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner describes a way to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to improve yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Its an easy and simple sequence of tapping on points of the body you can begin to use right away to achieve real and lasting change in your life.

This is one of the most exciting personal development books I’ve read this year so far! Although it sat on my bookshelf since it was first published in 2013, other priorities had my attention so I only read it this year.

The author, Nick Ortner, claimed these Emotional Freedom Techniques were a revolutionary process for stress-free living, which made me immediately decide to try the techniques. (One thing about me is that I’m all about being authentic. I couldn’t see myself reviewing this book without having (successfully) used the techniques. I’m happy to say they worked!)

An Experiment with Tapping

I started with an open mind, and a vicious headache. The Tapping solution was on my review list, so trying the technique replaced taking a little blue pill.

In the first twenty pages of this book, I was encouraged to use the technique right away.

It indeed was "simple and easy" to learn.

Through the Tapping Sequence, I was highly motivated to master the process and find relief! Every time I bent down to pick up my three year old that morning, shooting pain ran across my forehead. It was worth the effort to learn as all I had to lose was the pain!

The results: AMAZING! My headache was gone in just a few cycles of the Tapping Sequence. I was convinced.

The science behind this is well laid out in the book, so I won’t go into it here. It goes through explanations of ancient acupressure and meridian lines, and modern psychology about the impact of negative emotions and their impact on mind-body health.

Since then, I’ve tapped on other issues and pain, and I’ve had effective results in calming my mind, and focusing on the issues behind the symptoms my body is showing me. You may want to start by identifying what Ortner calls your Most Pressing Issue (MPI) with our list of emotions.

I’m not quick to jump on the “trend bandwagon”, especially when it comes to personal development. I've seen that a lot of the hype is not well founded. Not so with this book. It delivers quick easy steps to learn how to start. It’s a simple technique can be used immediately and profoundly. The results are proof enough. The book The Tapping Solution is a must for anyone with a mind open to possibilities and an immediate need for relief from negative emotions.

My Recommendation for The Tapping Solution

Buy the book, read it and start using the techniques right away! Then, feel free to share it (passively) with friends or family whom are looking for new tools to improve their lives, and have an open mind about new practices and cutting edge techniques.


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