You Were Born Rich by
Bob Proctor

What is the Hype all about for You Were Born Rich anyway? Well, if you've read The Secret, then you have heard about Bob Proctor, who is considered as one of the Greats when it comes to awakening Human Potential and how to change mindset.

Are you looking for a whole picture type of book? One that is based on ancient principles, and for whom the author actually has gone back and read the original research books like Thomas Troward, an author whose teachings date back to 1908? If so, keep reading!

How Come I Don't Feel "Born Rich"?

I love the way Bob Proctor says in this book that we were all Born Rich, it's just some of us are experiencing a temporary lack of money! This is a book written not about getting money, but about changing your mindset to really experience abundance, in ALL areas of your life.

The "Key" to Reading You Were Born Rich

Here's a helpful hint when reading this book: Start with Chapter 10 "The Vacuum Law of Prosperity" first.

I'll tell you why: it gets you started taking action steps right away to make space for your abundance.

Why does it work? Well, nature doesn't like a void.

And here's the thing. When you create a space for the good you desire to show up, it will! But, if for example you want new clothes, and your drawers and closet are packed full already, where is the space for your newer, more desirable wardrobe to go?

When you buy this book, try this trick! You'll see that it really works.

You Were Born Rich will take you through the workings of understanding how Universal Laws, such as the Law of Abundance actually work, and get you to make sure your actions are in line with them.

You may have also have seen this law in action when you have space available on your kitchen counter, it seems that things automatically migrate to fill the space up, without you knowing why or where they came from!

Skills You Will Learn with You Were Born Rich

One of the main skills you will learn with this book is not to let your present circumstances dictate your reality. Instead, Bob Proctor takes you through a process of Image Making, and creating what you really want for yourself, regardless of the circumstances around you.

This is a deal breaker! If you can't picture what you want in your head, you will never hold it in your hand!

Read that last paragraph again. It's a clincher when it comes to the potential that you have to create a beautiful, abundance life full of wonderful things, people and experiences.

With personal stories to illustrate his points, there is much to be learned from this author in You Were Born Rich. It's been a favourite personal development book of mine for a number of years now, and I read it at least once or twice per year.

Every time I read it, there's something new there for me to learn and/or apply in my life.

Why is that? Well, every time I read it I've got a new perspective, I'm literally not the same person that I was last time. Therefore, I'm viewing the information with "new eyes".

Other insights from this book will include learning the role of faith in the process of becoming successful, the Law of Attraction, and a method for the development of a Razor's Edge that is often the slight difference between success and failure.

The Razor's Edge is defined by Bob Proctor as that fine line between mediocre and extraordinary, or that line between winning and losing. Some examples include:

  • someone almost builds a website, someone else actually does;
  • someone almost gets a sale, another person actually gets it;
  • someone "tries" to build a business, another actually builds one.

You get the point? Often the Razor's Edge is that tiny effort beyond the no that you received, the fear that you feel, or the rejection from the dream date.

It's the key where Vince Lombardi, from the Green Bay Packers says: "Most games are won or lost in the last two minutes of the first and second half."

Next Steps

Buy this book! and don't just read it....devour it! use a highlighter and a pen to write your own aha! ideas in the margins, and I guarantee you will not be at the same level of thinking after you read it.

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